Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

Women Smokers at Risk Reveal Naughty Children?

The habit of smoking in women who are pregnant are not only dangerous to health. But also at risk for child development.
A pregnant woman who spends a pack of cigarettes per day during pregnancy risk give birth to children who could be involved in future crime. Thus was launched the Straits Times, Tuesday (11/16/2010).According to research conducted by Angela Paradis from the Harvard School of Public Health, children born to smoking mothers very connected with mental health. Researchers see, not only boys, but when a daughter was born, then its development can be disrupted. The study was conducted by analyzing data of criminal records and health records of 4,000 Americans aged 33 to 40 years. The study also recorded data on smoking habits of the mother, who enrolled in the study between 1959 and 1966. 30 percent of children whose mothers smoked at least 20 cigarettes closer to a criminal record. 


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