Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

Bernard bear - el robot

There is a short cartoon film (short movie) 3-dimensional animation in one of the private TV station. Not only the children, this film was able to enchant all ages, including me personally ...:)
Bernard Bear is the name as well as the title of this movie. Acting out a story idea Polar bears are always hungry for his curiosity about something and make it always apes and fell. Duration 3 minutes in each episode of the story, the bear was accompanied by several other figures of 2 Penguin twins named Lloyd and Eva, and Zack the green lizard.
What makes this cartoon menark are:
1. Short duration so it is not easily bored.
2. Without much talk and more feature-style animal body language
3. For all ages (toddler through adult).
4. Fatigue and pain of body and mind let me re-Fresh
5. Style ridiculous story and not known exactly add value of this cartoon.

Congratulations Acquainted with Benard Bear ...



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