Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

Expensive flash Worth 60 Million Rupiah

Gresco made phone company, you could say the most expensive gadgets in Russia. But, now there is the flash that was made also by Gresco, comes in two models. The first model is the model triangle (Labyrinth) and star (Constellation). Both would have amounted to 192 GB of storage, each of which has USB 2.0 speed.
Both flasdisk sold at 5000 euros (Rp.60.882.800). In the flash triangular shape, the casing is made of wood choices in Africa that have been stored for 200 years. the triangle-shaped flash disk stars there are three USB that contains each of 64 GB with 192 GB total storage. The casing was made of wood in decorative design with diamond and 18K white gold. Flash disk model Labyrinth and Constellation exclusive available only 99 units.



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