Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

Average Internet speed is 1.8 Mbps in the World


TOKYO - Internet connection in every country in the world is different. Based on data from Akamai Technologies, an average speed of the internet in 50 countries in the world is only approximately 1.8 Mbps. Speed is the average speed downlink and uplink speeds instead. Akamai also did not include China in a survey of internet connection speed. Thus was launched Hufftington Post, Friday (11/19/2010).

The following list of countries with the fastest Internet connection:
1. South Korea (16.63 Mbps)2. Hong Kong (8.57 Mbps)3. Japan (8.03 Mbps)4. Romania (6.80 Mbps)5. Netherlands (6.50 Mbps)6. Sweden (5.50 Mbps)7. Czech Republic (5.32 Mbps)8. Belgium (5.26 Mbps)9. Denmark (5.18 Mbps)10. Switzerland (5.08 Mbps)11. Canada (4.73 Mbps)12. United States (4.60 Mbps)13. Hungary (4.45 Mbps)14. Germany (4.14 Mbps)15. Taiwan (4.08 Mbps)16. Portugal (3.93 Mbps)17. UK (3.93 Mbps)18. Austria (3.76 Mbps)19. France (3.36 Mbps) (ugo)
Akamai reported although the highest Internet speed is held by South Korea, with an average of 16.63 Mbps, but still European countries still dominate the top 20 countries with the fastest connections.


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