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How it Works The Simple Internet

This time we discuss how the Internet is simple. How it works in question are to support communication between the computer network of national, regional, and local.

The following is an explanation of how the Internet works.1. There are two things needed to move data between two different computers in a computer network is the destination address and media intermediary to transfer the data forming an electronic signal. If the everyday world can be analogous we want to send a letter to someone, we need the media who called the letter and the letter was written the addresses of the recipients. The things that do not want to happen, such as lost or corrupted data all the way through the network, including things that are very possible on the Internet.
2. During the process of communication, the Internet provided a protocol to ensure data tersampainya safely at the destination. In a simple sense of protocol is a set of rules in data communications.
3. A protocol is often used today is TCP / IP (Transfer Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) company that made the United States Department of Defense in 1982 (Well, again the United States Department of Defense who find it.
4. What does the protocol TCP / IP to ensure smooth data communication? When we as Internet users send text to an address, TCP / IP will work. TCP divides the text into small data packets, adding some information (analogous to like a list of shipping the goods) so that the recipient's computer to ensure the recipient that the package had received no damage. IP Functionality that is add a label that contains address information on the package.

Figure 1. Comparison Between Layer TCP / IP (Left) with OSI Models (Right)

5. Rows of packets TCP / IP running toward the same goal using a variety of different paths. There is a medium called routers are installed at the intersection between the network and decide which are the most efficient path to the path through which the packet. Routers serve as traffic cops directing traffic on the Internet.
6. When packets TCP / IP arrives at its destination computers will open label IP address, then use a TCP packet dispatch list to check whether there keerusakan packages during shipping and rearrange the packages as the original. When the recipient computer to find the package that is damaged, the computer will ask the sender computer to send a new copy of the package is damaged.

 Figure 2. Description of the OSI Model and TCP / IP

6. A gateway device acts as a native language translator computer network into TCP / IP and vice versa.

Figure 3. Internet architecture is simply

7. Now the Internet comes as the largest global network, which allows users to interact with each other as if it is not restricted to inter-state territory.


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