Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Percakapan dan Dialog Bahasa Inggris

One day, Ellysa meet her  friend . Her name is Arum. They are asking the activities.
Ellysa          : Hallo Arum.....
Arum           : Hallo.....
Ellysa          : How are you?
Arum           : I’m fine, and you?
Ellysa          : I’m fine. Thank you.
                    Where your studied?
Arum           : I studied at Amikom.
Ellysa          : Really???
Arum           : Yeaah,,,,,
Ellysa          : What is your faculty?
Arum           : My faculty is Manajemen Informatika.
Ellysa          : Me too.
Arum           : By the way, what your extraculiculer?
Ellysa          : I follow Himsi, and you?
Arum           : I follow basketball.
Ellysa          : Where you playing basketball?
Arum           : I playing basketball at campus and something at Mandala Krida.
                    Hhmmmm.... After finish studied, Where do you go?
Ellysa          : I usually go to home, if not I’ve lunch at campus.
Arum           : What is your favorite food?
Ellysa          : I like meatball, and you?
Arum           : I like lotek.
Ellysa          : What your activities after studied?
Arum           : After studied I sleeping.
Ellysa          : What are you doing?
Arum           : After sleeping, I take a bath, eating, and than playing basketball. And you?
Ellysa          : I help my parent and than study.
Arum           : Wooowwww........
Ellysa          : Hehehhehhehehhe....... But, sometime I watching television.
Arum           : Hm....... Not Interested.
Ellysa          : Do you like cartoon?
Arum           : Yes I do.
                    I like Spongebob squarepants. And you?
Ellysa          : I like Tom and Jerry.
Arum           : Why do you like film cartoon?
Ellysa          : I like film cartoon, because is very funny.
Arum           : By the way, I must go home.
Ellysa          : No problem.
Arum           : Nice to meet you?
Ellysa          : Nice to meet you too.

Semoga bermanfaat.


  1. Lumayan lah blognya ...
    kunjungan balek selalu ditungu .... :)



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